Booking an Author Visit with Stephanie Guzman

Stephanie Guzman is available to come to your school, library, or childcare center to share her book and the steps of the publishing process with your students. There are four different types of programs to choose from or you can create your own.

Pre-K – 2nd grade

This program lasts about 30-35 min. and is much more interactive with 50 children or less but can be done with up to 200 students. The program uses the first book, The Adventures of Oliver the Clownfish: Invitation Slip-Up, and addresses the importance of making predictions before reading a story and confirming predictions afterwards. To begin the presentation, Stephanie introduces children to the idea of how to choose a topic to write about and why she decided to write about fish. She uses volunteers from the audience to help orally make predictions before reading the text. The text is read. After reading the text students go back to confirm their predictions. Next, students become the characters and act out parts of the story.  As closure to the presentation, the students sing along with Stephanie, the Oliver the Clownfish song. Stephanie will then discuss with students their ideas for their writing. Finally a question and answer period will occur if time allows.

3rd – 5th grade

This program lasts about 50-60 min. and also works best with no more than 50 students at a time but can be done with up to 200 students. The program uses the second book, The Adventures of Oliver the Clownfish: Acting Cool. This program addresses the importance of how to choose friends wisely and the multiple layers of the publishing process. To begin this presentation students work interactively with Stephanie to identify how to create a publishing company, why an ISBN number is needed and why the writing traits are important. She discusses with students how to make good decisions when choosing friends. Next, the book is read. After the reading the text the students discuss the decision that Oliver had to make and relate it to their lives. Finally, Stephanie will continue the previous discussion on the publishing process and explain what is involved in self-publishing their work. If time allows, the students will sing the Oliver the Clownfish song with Stephanie and a question and answer period will occur.

All Elementary Grades

This program is designed for many children and can occur as an evening program. During this program, Stephanie will read the book of your choice and discuss her inspiration for writing children’s books. There will be “under the sea” arts and crafts for children to participate in while a book signing takes place. During this time, parents can ask questions and receive important information in helping their child with reading and writing at home.

Elementary Parents

This program last about 45 min. and is designed to address what parents can do to encourage a long time love for reading in the hearts of their children. Stephanie will go over a list of things that can be done at home. Plus, parents will get to “make-and-take” a reading comprehension ball to help build their child’s reading comprehension in a fun and exciting way at home.

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