The Adventures of Oliver the Clownfish: Sticky Fins

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Individual integrity

Oliver the Clownfish sees his friend, Ozzie the Octopus, slip an item that is clearly not his into his book-bag.  Oliver confronts Ozzie and learns that even friends might have very different standards. Oliver realizes that taking things from others is not right, even if friends are doing it.

This publication is an award-winning finalist in the Children’s Mind / Body / Spirit Category of the 2013 Best Book Awards (sponsored by USA Book News).

10 reviews for The Adventures of Oliver the Clownfish: Sticky Fins

  1. Mason Canyon (verified owner)

    Teaching a child right from wrong can sometimes be a difficult task. Author Stephanie Guzman has found a fun way to teach youngsters the importance of not stealing. Oliver the Clownfish enjoys attending Fish Tale Elementary with his friends. During class one day, items turn up missing but Ozzie the Octopus finds each one.
 At lunch when Oliver returns to the classroom for his lunchbox he finds Ozzie with a shiny stone belonging to Sally the Seahorse. Oliver talks to Ozzie about how bad it is to take something even if it is just to make others laugh. Ozzie challenges Oliver to take something too. But Oliver convinces Ozzie that having sticky fins isn’t right.
 Guzman does an excellent job making the learning experience fun for youngsters ages 6 to 8. She includes helpful tips for parents on how to discuss about the perils of stealing with youngsters. In addition, she includes information about octopus. The book is beautifully illustrated by Amy Balcerak. The vivid drawings will hold youngsters attention as the story unfolds.
 This charming book will entertain and educate. It’s a fun read for the entire family.

  2. mcrel2 (verified owner)

    There is a hint of mystery when things start to go missing in Oliver’s classroom that kept my kids interested. Where did the things disappear to? Is someone taking them? The book deals with the moral issue of stealing in a very age appropriate way. I also liked that it addressed peer pressure (the thief tries to convince Oliver to steal too, and the book addresses the thoughts that go through Oliver’s head as he considers it and ultimately decides to do the right thing. Loved this!)
 Also a plus- there is an intro for parents dealing with the issue of stealing, as well as discussion questions at the end of the book. My kids enjoyed talking about them, and it was helpful as a parent to have guidelines to discuss the content in the book.
 Overall definitely worth the money, fun to read, and a great message for kids.

  3. Justice Amaro (verified owner)

    In this book, Oliver the Clownfish has an experience like any other child could have when he sees a friend do something he shouldn’t. Eventually, kids need to deal with peer pressure and stand up for themselves. They help by offering a useful explanation of why kids steal and how you can deal with it as a parent. They immediately got my attention with some fun octopus facts that were mostly new to me, and the kids enjoyed them. The illustrations are unique to what I’m used to in children’s books, which are crisp, vivid, and fun. I’d say there is a good lesson in this story. You don’t have to do everything your friends do.

  4. BG (verified owner)

    Appropriate illustrations. Good for preschoolers through 1st grade.

  5. Ashley (verified owner)

    This is a great story with good imagery, my kids love sea animals so this was a great fit! Not only do you learn some octopus facts, you also go on a journey to learn why we don’t take things that aren’t ours and how parents can help reinforce that at home. A cute story for kids but also gives parents a teaching moment!

  6. Elizabeth M Koss (verified owner)

    Wonderful little story under the sea that teaches a life lesson on why you shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to you. Has great illustrations.

  7. ZacAcalanche (verified owner)

    This is a cute children’s book that helps kids learn that it’s wrong to take things that don’t belong to you. My daughter liked this one. She especially liked the cool octopus facts.

  8. Ana Garcia (verified owner)

    Oliver the Clownfish is a charming children’s book that skillfully imparts a valuable lesson on not stealing. This helped my 5-year-old learn the importance of respecting others’ belongings. Engaging illustrations and a non-preachy narrative help this book effectively teach children about honesty, sharing, and empathy. It is an excellent choice for parents and educators looking to instill important values in their young reader

  9. Grace L (verified owner)

    This book was a great way to introduce my son to the concept of not taking other’s things even if it’s in a fun and silly way. He immediately understood the lesson and implemented it the next time he saw a friend want to take home something that wasn’t theirs in the classroom. We will be picking up other books from this author.

  10. Jordan Sasser (verified owner)

    The author did a great job of incorporating lessons on integrity, honesty, friendship, and why it’s wrong to steal into a sweet and engaging story that entertains. I loved the facts about Octopi included at the beginning for even more learning, and the question prompts on the back cover to further the discussion with your child.

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